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6 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Exercise

6 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Exercise

Getting kids excited about exercise can be challenging when so many would rather play video games or watch TV. However, physical activity is crucial for children’s health and mental development. With some creativity, parents can inspire kids to move more through fun activities they’ll love. This article explores engaging ways to motivate children to get active outside of school in a way that brings more smiles than sighs.

6 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Exercise

Dance parties in the living room or jump rope sessions in the backyard are just two of the many fun ways to inspire kids to exercise through play. Here are 6 creative activities guaranteed to get your children excited about moving their bodies.

Make it a Family Affair

One of the best ways to get your kids excited about exercise is to join them. Children are more likely to enthusiastically participate in physical activities when mom or dad is right by their side. You’ll also be able to enjoy quality time together as a family while everyone gets their daily dose of movement.

Start with short, achievable goals like taking a 20-minute family walk around your neighborhood after dinner each night. Chat about everyone’s day to make the time fly by. As the weather warms up, switch things up by exploring a new local park or trail on weekends. You can even pack a picnic and make it a full-day adventure.

If biking is an option, try putting kid seats or trailers on your bikes so even the youngest family members can roll along. Older kids will have a blast racing you on their own two-wheelers. For pool owners, organize water relays and other games to get the whole brood splashing around together.

Togetherness and laughter are powerful motivators that will keep kids wanting more family and exercise time.

Get Them Moving Outdoors

The great outdoors provides endless opportunities for active play. Take your kids to your local playground with a lot of exciting activity to exercise and burn energy.

Another fun option worth considering is installing a set of climbing frames in your backyard. A climbing frame is a piece of playground equipment designed for children to climb, hang, and swing on. They come in various shapes and sizes and can include elements like monkey bars, ladders, ropes, and slides.

Climbing frames challenge kids’ physical skills and courage. You’ll see determined faces as children work to pull themselves across the parallel bars.

It’s engaging for both young and old, as adults can play alongside the kids, demonstrating how it’s done or cheering on their progress. Best of all, a backyard climbing frames set means you’ll always have an exciting outdoor activity ready to go right outside your door.

Other playground fixtures like slides, swings, and ropes also provide thrills and fitness.

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Get Them Dancing

If your kids are like most, they probably love music. So, turn up the fun, upbeat tunes and get your whole family moving to the beat together. Designate a dance space indoors or out where everyone can groove freely without the danger of being bumped into.

Start by teaching them simple moves like the cha-cha slide, or invent your very own family dance move. Don’t worry about looking silly. Let loose, and they will follow.

Improv dancing is another great option. Put on the kids’ favorite playlist and see what kind of moves they invent. Clap, spin, jump around. There are no wrong answers here. You could even hold informal dance-offs, with prizes for the best dancer. Dancing will get their hearts pumping through joyful movement.

Get Them Involved in Sports

Team sports are a fantastic way for kids to be active while developing important social skills. Most communities offer low-cost or free recreational leagues for various youth sports throughout the year. These provide a fun, supportive way for children to learn game skills and strategies.

Some popular options include tee-ball in the spring and summer for youngsters just starting out. At this level, the focus is on fundamentals like throwing, catching, hitting, and base running. As kids grow, other possibilities are softball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and swimming. Martial arts like karate can also be a great full-body workout.

The social aspects of sports keep kids engaged long-term. They look forward to practices and games to hang out with friends and compete as a team. Supporting from the sidelines might require some chilly evenings, but seeing the joy of accomplishment on their faces makes it worthwhile.

Encourage your children to try a few different sports so they can discover their natural talents and interests. This helps ensure they find an activity they’re passionate about sticking with for years of health and fun.

Creative Movement Activities

Beyond organized sports, unstructured play can also provide excellent fun exercise. Let your child’s imagination lead the way with made-up games incorporating movement.

Pretend play is a favorite for many kids. Turn the backyard into an obstacle course for “Spies on a Secret Mission” as they crawl, jump, and maneuver around. Or set up an imaginary hopscotch or four-square tournament. You could even play store; allow your kids to “shop” all around the yard while you ring them up at the register.

Indoor or rainy day kids’ exercise options include indoor scavenger hunts around the house. Give clues that require searching high and low, such as “Find something blue that’s as tall as you.” Stretching and basic strength moves can also engage kids. Look up simple routines together online, then follow along.

Include Kids in Household Activities

Rather than one more chore for you to tackle alone, involve kids in simple household tasks. Giving them responsibilities develops important life skills while keeping them moving.

Here are some options:

  • Have children help with laundry by carrying baskets or folding clothes. Turn it into a game by seeing who can match socks fastest.
  • Sweeping and mopping are also engaging when kids use kid-sized tools.
  • In the kitchen, let them assist with mixing, pouring, rolling out dough, and more. Measure and dump ingredients together. Clean-up becomes more fun when they help too, especially if music is on.
  • Yardwork like weeding, watering plants, and raking leaves engages kids outdoors. Provide kid-sized tools or supervise the use of real equipment properly. Let older kids push mowers or weed-whack.
  • Washing cars or bikes together on weekends is a cool mess-making activity. Give them soapy sponges, hoses, and towels to contribute.

Involving kids in meaningful yet safe household tasks fosters responsibility and builds life skills. It also keeps them energized through purposeful movement.


Exercise should be a positive experience kids associate with quality time, laughter, and fresh air. Try different ideas until you discover what motivates your children intrinsically. You’ll be developing lifelong healthy habits while making memories to treasure.

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