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A Mother’s Wish: Slow Down Little One

A Mother’s Wish: Slow Down Little One
A few nights ago, during family movie night, I found my lap wide open.
I wasn’t holding a wiggly toddler.
I wasn’t grabbing snacks or drinks.
I was alone, in a recliner, feet up.
Now this may not sound rare to most, but as a mom of four, I often feel like my body is comparable to a jungle gym.
A few minutes went by before my 11-year-old appeared at my side.
He tugged on my sleeve and told me that his cheeks felt hot. Which in our house is a sign for either playing way too rough or getting sick.
And then he was in my lap. Curled up.
Only he didn’t really fit.
He was long. His legs stuck off to one side and his head was under my arm. It felt like he was 6 feet tall. But he was determined.
He wiggled and pressed his cheek up against mine, asking me if it was over a hundred degrees.
My mom thermometer determined it was not. And I let him know he would live to see another day.
I held him for the next hour. Or maybe he held me. I’m not sure. Our size isn’t all that different anymore.
He smells older. He feels older. He looks older. His little boy face is gone.
I can’t tell you a time before that moment that I had held him. I wracked my brain while sitting there trying to remember. And I realized, I don’t know when the last time will be either.
Childhood goes so fast. And then slow. And fast again. And these babies keep growing.
11 years old going on 16. Justin Bieber hair. Talk of girlfriends. Multiplication. Division. Telling me I’m old. Sometimes acting as if he’s already outgrown our family.
I don’t know when that happened either. It almost feels overnight.
Time is a thief they say. I never truly understood that until becoming a mom.
Slow down little one. Stay little
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