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Home » AANE February 2024 Newsletter: Autism & Daily Living Strategies

AANE February 2024 Newsletter: Autism & Daily Living Strategies

AANE February 2024 Newsletter: Autism & Daily Living Strategies

AANE February 2024 Newsletter: Autism & Daily Living Strategies

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Association for Autism and Neurodiversity 235 X 113
AANE February 2024 Newsletter: Autistic Adulting
*Special Edition*

There can be unique challenges in navigating adulthood for Autistic individuals, but AANE is here to help. In advance of AANE’s annual Jody Acford Conference Building Interdependence: Practical Tools to Neurodivergent Adulthood on March 8, we are using this month’s newsletter to share additional perspectives and resources on managing adult life.

Looking for upcoming events? Buttons in sections below link to listings for each group in our community.

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AANE Events

See what’s happening this month and beyond on the AANE Events Page.

The Interdependence Mindset: Overcoming Misconceptions

Many people assume being a successful adult means never needing help, but that isn’t true for the vast majority of people. Executive Director Brenda Dater revisits the subject of interdependence and examines the misconceptions that prevent people from seeking support.
Watch Brenda’s Message
Check out these helpful AANE resources!
AANE’s 2024 Virtual Jody Acford Conference — March 8, 2024

This conference will provide valuable insights and practical tools for Autistic and other Neurodivergent individuals navigating the complexities of adulthood. Emphasizing the importance of interdependence, AANE will offer a day of learning designed to foster capability and confidence in adulthood, including information on healthcare, financial literacy, housing, and more. Registrants will also have access to recorded presentations on federal benefits. 

Information + Registration
24 JA Platinum Sponsors 2-5.png
? Sponsor AANE’s Jody Acford Conference! Read about sponsorship levels.
Federal & State Support

A Guide to Adult Services & Benefits in Massachusetts

Read an expert guide to support services available through state and federal programs in Massachusetts. Note: Those outside of Massachusetts may also find this article useful to identify similar programs in their state.

More Resources
• Watch the FREE webinar, How to Find Public Benefits for Autistic Adults in Any State.
• Check out our Government Funding & Benefits page for more information and materials.

Coming Up…

Click here for the current listing of events, support groups, and social activities for Autistic adults, including the Peer Resource Group for BIPOC Leaders, the FREE workshop, Introduction to Autism for Autistic Adults, and much more.

Here are some helpful links for adults in our community:

Reimagining Healthcare for Autistic People: Everything is Connected to Everything

Dr. Melissa Houser is an Autistic physician who created a ground-breaking practice to improve the health and wellbeing of Autistic patients. Read about her work, and don’t miss her presentation during AANE’s Jody Acford Conference on March 8!

More Resources
• See Dr. Houser’s educational materials and tools to inform Neurodivergent patients and healthcare providers and help them communicate with each other.
• Check out AANE’s page on medical ID bracelets, wallet cards and lanyards for Autistic individuals to disclose information to first responders and healthcare professionals.

Coming Up…

Learn more about upcoming events, workshops, and support groups for parents and families, including the workshop, Autism and the IEP for Caregivers of Autistic Children/Teens/Young Adults, the FREE workshop, Introduction to Autism for Caregivers of Autistic Children/Teen/Young Adults, and much more.

Don’t miss these services AANE provides for parents and families:
Financial Planning

Special Needs Trusts

Saving for the future can become very complex, especially when trying to understand the impact it may have on federal or state benefits. PLAN of MA & RI shares information about options to create financial security for individuals with disabilities.

Learn more about AANE programs, support, and training for professionals.
AANE Programs


Individualized life coaching program for Autistic older teens & adults

LifeMAP coaches can help clients develop money management strategies, such as creating a budget and establishing financial goals. Learn more about LifeMAP.


Team-based support to help Massachusetts Autistic adults optimize independence

The LifeNet program empowers Autistic adults to pursue the lives they want by building connections with a broad support team. Learn more about LifeNet.

Neurodiverse Couples Institute

Resources for couples and couples therapists/coaches

AANE’s self-paced, online course 101 for Couples helps partners better understand themselves and each other. Use promo code COUPLES214 during February to get an $85 discount! Learn more. 

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