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Autism and SEND, carrying one amidst CV19 crisis.

Autism and SEND, carrying one amidst CV19 crisis.

The current pandemic of CV19 is very real and very scary. Unfortunately it seems to rob people of their common sense too!

•How many have struggled with trying to home school their autistic child?

•How many have become overwhelmed with anxiety just trying to shop, been made to feel guilty, even been refused to shop.

Meltdowns/ Sensory Overloads can feel like a volcano erupting.

Even I found my anxiety kicking in, doing a shop. Frequently feeling the need to justify why I’d picked up 2 large toilet rolls, due to kids with bladder/ bowel and interoception needs.

Hi do we manage? Kindness works both ways, and no-one should be feeling judged. The social distancing and guidelines are in place for everyone’s safety.

As for home schooling. Huge difficulties here, we’ve gone off the curriculum stuff and doing alternate learning. Yes, using online gaming that supports planning, solution solving, maths, reading, typing, and getting through obstacles. Virtual Reality dancing games to support visual processing, laughing at jokes, talking to our kids about CV19, to help them have an understanding.

The reality of watching #myausomegirl in tears as she just wants to see her friends, a cuddle from me, just isn’t the same, video chats are ok, but actually making her feel more isolated. It took her 5 days to just process she wouldn’t be able to go to school, or see friends for the foreseeable future, I’m not going to trigger her more by pushing her to do a full 6 hours a day work.

Educational Equality Support

Now is a time for kindness and understanding, not judging, we all have different ways of coping. Unfortunately this isn’t what I’ve witnessed or heard about with at least 2 national chain Supermarkets. A single parent family of 5, including 3 complex disabled children, trying to do an essentials shop, initial refused entrance, the store even suggesting parent “left 3 disabled children outside of shop alone while she shopped!”😡 Serious safeguarding breach, especially when Police have stated they will report children out alone to the relevant authorities. And No! the store staff weren’t offering to watch the children, they were expected to be left alone!! There are single families who DO NOT have anyone else that can shop for them, online delivery slots are unavailable. Did I add that this family had proof of their disabilities? Large families, unable to minimise social distancing as they have to go shopping more frequently to ensure they have enough basics just to eat, essentials, not luxuries.

I witnessed the discrimination against a single parent family, by chance I happen to know the family as I’ve worked with them before. No family should be made to feel guilty. Single parent and large families are really feeling the brunt of this, with serious lack of common sense. No one should be made to feel guilty for shop with kids, when they have no one else who can help.

I know I’m fortunate as I have a partner, but I still do the shopping as I know exactly what my autistic children will eat, and the brands. My partner can find it harder when he’s not the one who usually shops. I also need the solace for my own autistic needs.

There are so many people going above and beyond supporting the elderly and vulnerable; these people deserve as much praise as the key workers on the front lines. Without them more would be struggling.

And lest not forget those who are dealing with the loss of a family member or a friend due to the pandemic.

Additionally please if someone tells you their deaf or have hearing loss, please don’t shout. This actually makes it harder to lip read, just speak a little slower at your normal pace.

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