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Changes in Autism Symptoms Across Childhood

Changes in Autism Symptoms Across Childhood

Free webinar at 1 p.m. Eastern time (US), Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Tune in to this presentation by Dr. Einat Waizbard-Bartov to learn about how autism symptoms change throughout child development.

Changes in Autism Symptoms Across Childhood


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The speaker:

Dr. Einat Waizbard-Bartov is a post-doctoral researcher working with Dr. Ilan Dinstein at the Azrieli National Centre for Autism and Neurodevelopment Research at Ben-Gurion University, Israel. Dr. Waizbard-Bartov completed her doctoral studies at the University of California, Davis, working with Dr. David Amaral at the UC Davis MIND Institute’s Autism Phenome Project. She is also a licensed clinical psychologist trained in autism assessment and play-based and cognitive-behavioral therapies with children. Dr. Waizbard-Bartov is especially interested in assessment and measurement of autism symptoms, developmental trajectories across the life span and how these translate into individual needs, and the female autism phenotype.  

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