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“Divine Storm: The Miraculous Tale of Saint Scholastica’s Last Prayer and Her Heavenly Ascent”

Saint Scholastic Pray for Us

Saint Scholastica is revered in Christian tradition as the twin sister of Saint Benedict of Nursia, the patriarch of Western monasticism. Her life, deeply intertwined with her brother’s spiritual journey, serves as a testament to fraternal love, devotion to God, and the power of prayer.


Saint Scholastica was born in 480 AD in Nursia, Italy, to a Roman noble family. From a young age, she was dedicated to God and showed an inclination towards a life of prayer and contemplation. Following her brother, Benedict, she pursued a religious life, embodying the ideals of Christian asceticism.

Unlike her brother, who founded several monasteries and wrote the Rule of Saint Benedict, Scholastica’s life was more secluded, and fewer historical records of her exist. However, she is believed to have led a community of nuns near Monte Cassino, where her brother established his famous monastery. This proximity allowed the siblings to maintain their spiritual bond while adhering to their monastic commitments.

Their annual meetings were a significant aspect of their spiritual lives. These encounters were not merely familial reunions but profound spiritual exchanges. The most famous of these meetings occurred in 543 AD, the last before Scholastica’s death. As they shared a meal and spoke of spiritual matters, Scholastica, sensing her impending death, asked Benedict to stay overnight to continue their conversation. When he refused, bound by his monastic rule not to spend a night away from his monastery, Scholastica prayed, and a severe storm broke out, preventing Benedict and his monks from leaving.

Benedict recognized this as a divine intervention prompted by his sister’s prayers. He remarked, “God has listened to your request. We must stay and continue our conversation about the joys of heavenly life.” This incident highlights Scholastica’s deep faith and the power of her prayers. Three days later, Benedict witnessed Scholastica’s soul ascending to heaven in the form of a dove, a testament to her purity and devotion.

Life Lessons from Saint Scholastica

  1. The Power of Prayer: Scholastica’s life teaches that prayer is not just a ritual but a powerful force that can influence events and demonstrate one’s faith and devotion to God.
  2. Spiritual Bonding: The relationship between Scholastica and Benedict shows the importance of spiritual companionship and mutual encouragement in one’s faith journey.
  3. Devotion to God Over Earthly Rules: Scholastica’s request to Benedict to stay and continue their spiritual discourse, leading to the miraculous storm, teaches that divine law and love can transcend human regulations.
  4. The Joy of Heavenly Aspiration: Their conversations, focused on the joys of the afterlife, remind believers of the importance of keeping their hearts and minds on heavenly promises.
  5. Simplicity and Humility: Scholastica’s life, though not as well-documented as her brother’s, emphasizes the virtues of simplicity, humility, and living a life hidden in Christ.

Saint Scholastica’s legacy, while less documented than her brother’s, is no less significant. Her devotion to God, the spiritual bond with her brother, and the miraculous events associated with her prayer life continue to inspire Christians to deepen their faith and cherish spiritual relationships.

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