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Emotion Recognition in Autism

Emotion Recognition in Autism

Participate in our short online study!

Research has described difficulties in recognizing other people’s emotions in people with autism. Until now, however, there are few efficient and reliable methods for identifying these difficulties.

Together with the University of Zurich, the Swiss Epilepsy Centre is developing the COSIMO online test to fill this gap.
Help us to further develop this test and advance our knowledge of emotion recognition in people with autism!

Your Task: Identify the emotions portrayed in short film sequences and still images of the eyes.

Test Duration: 10-15 minutes

We are Looking for: People aged 16 or older with or without an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.

Benefit: A small donation will be made to Autism Schweiz for each participation.

How to participate: To take part go to

Name of Organization:
University of Zurich, Switzerland

For questions, please email:

Study Link:

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