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Exploding Ovens and Supportive SENDCo’s.

Exploding Ovens and Supportive SENDCo’s.

After a different, harder than normal Christmas, mine go back to school Tuesday.

This Christmas has been much more noticeable on my sons struggles, than his eldest diagnosed sister.

From exploding cooker doors to unwiped bottoms in pungent pants.

Definitely noting so many struggles for my son. Things we’ve not noticed before, his short term working memory definitely struggles more with more than 1 instruction at a time, yet he’s above average academically, likely fast visual processing.

His listening difficulties definitely appearing more like APD- Auditory Processing Disorder. I’ve spoken about our primary SENDCo before (how amazing she was with my daughter). She’s shone though again and is backing us for a referral. I’m thinking Autism and/or ADHD.

This brings to point so many families I hear about that don’t feel heard/ supported by their school.

Things such as:

  • It’s their parenting.
  • mums anxious.
  • they’re “fine” in school.

Now, my son is the optimum of “fine” in school, largely due to their inclusive education, and that staff adapt his work to his aptitude meaning he’s mentally attained. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t meltdown after school, he does, but with one word responses, I can usually calm him enough to help him process/ verbalise the issue, which is usually resolved immediately.

Thanks to the bigger picture of smaller things being adding together, and my not so proud moment of showing a pic of my sons stained pants (this was my lack of impulse control and not thinking about that it wasn’t the best thing to do). Sons referral forms will be in by end of the month, completed by myself and checked by SENDCo.

To every family that has a supportive school, that “get” it. Massive thanks. It really makes a difference to our own sanity, just feeling heard and listened too.

(And not to forget my daughter la supportive secondary SENDCo and team either).

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