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Help us test the new CPD learning platform – ACAMH Learn

Help us test the new CPD learning platform – ACAMH Learn

It’s a very exciting time for ACAMH as we are nearing the completion of ACAMH Learn, our online learning portal for Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

We have been working hard creating content and building a technical platform that works with our existing website.

ACAMH Learn contains presentations from some of the world’s most respected experts, researchers and practitioners in CAMH.

We have commissioned brand new learning material addressing some of the top priorities in CAMH, including Anxiety Disorders, Autism, ADHD and Eating Disorders. New content will be added to the site regularly.

Can you help us test the new ACAMH Learn platform?

However, before we release it into the wild, we need to test it with some real life users.  This is where you come in!

Can you spare some time in March to work with our team on testing the interface, sampling the content and telling us what you think?

There are two ways of taking part:

  1. The Mental Elf
    ACAMH is working in partnership with the Mental Elf in delivering this evaluation work.

    A 90-minute webinar on 20th March, starting at 12 noon, where we will work in small groups to evaluate ACAMH Learn’s design, usability, scope and content

  2. A 40-minute one-to-one interview over Zoom, where you will test out the website live, and we will take your feedback on the design, usability and content.

You’ll get a sneak preview of the learning material and help to influence the direction we take with this exciting new resource. All participants will be offered payment for their time.

Please complete the form below if you are interested.

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