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Hire Autism Celebrates Another Successful Job Search

Hire Autism Celebrates Another Successful Job Search

After working hard to obtain an electrical engineering degree with honors, job seeker Andrea Camacho was surprised to find the job search an even more daunting process than tackling her rigorous education. Following nine months of an on-off job search, Camacho was determined to find employment relevant to her education, which led her to reach out to Hire Autism for job search support and mentorship. 

When introduced to Paolo Encarnacion, a Hire Autism navigator, the pair quickly got to work. They met virtually over the next two months to discuss Camacho’s job search and explore employment opportunities. Encarnacion coached Camacho on how to share her interests with employers and how it could be beneficial during the job search. Camacho found that advice extremely helpful when asked about her hobbies during her interview with her current employer. 

Camacho had previously received outside assistance but found that Encarnacion brought fresh insight from a recruiter’s point of view. “I valued Paolo’s patience. I felt like I was respected when I didn’t understand something right away,” Camacho said. “I asked a lot of questions and took a lot of notes, knowing I was in a non-judgmental environment.” 

Similarly, Encarnacion applauded Camacho’s coachability throughout their sessions, “I remember our first few sessions were filled with curiosity to learn and Andrea’s hard-working nature. She was receptive to feedback and actively sought out my suggestions when necessary. By the end of our coaching sessions, Andrea was organized, confident, and focused.” 

Camacho’s dedication to her job search paid off, and she started receiving e-mails, phone screens, and interviews from employers eager to connect with her. Even though her nerves remained, Camacho gained the confidence to push forward and found success. She was offered and accepted employment as an electrical designer at Kupper Engineering.  

Reflecting on their time together, Encarnacion said, “Andrea’s journey with OAR was one of self-realization. She was clear about her values, particularly in finding a company she believes in.” 

“I couldn’t have done it without my navigator, and without Hire Autism, I could not have met him,” Camacho said. “I really appreciate that the Hire Autism program had the option to meet me where I am at. Without exaggeration, this program changed my life. If somebody is autistic and they are qualified for a job, but they are not getting it, then I think this is the program that can help bridge the gap.” 

Encarnacion noted that he was not only pleased for Camacho, but he also benefited from her success. “Helping a job seeker actualize their goal of landing a job impacted me in the most profound way possible. I’ve personally benefited from professional mentors in the past, and being able to pay it forward is an extremely rewarding feeling. As a Hire Autism navigator, we have the opportunity to positively influence a jobseeker’s career, livelihood, and their being. It is not only transformative for job seekers, it is equally fulfilling as a Hire Autism navigator as well.”  

For all job seekers looking for employment, Encarnacion encouraged them to stick with it. “Job-seeking is a journey, one with highs and lows. While the ultimate prize is securing a job, the journey itself may present a valuable gift of self-discovery and priceless life lessons. Work hard, listen to your Hire Autism navigator, and look for opportunities to learn but don’t forget to enjoy the process along the way.” 

If you are an autistic job seeker searching for meaningful employment, get started on your journey today by contacting us via email at or by creating an account. If you would like to impact the lives of autistic job seekers directly, please consider becoming a Hire Autism navigator. 

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