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Keep on running. Good luck Luis!

Keep on running. Good luck Luis!

We are delighted to offer our wholehearted support to Luis Rodrigues Rocha who is about to take on the SAS Fan Dance challenge, on 15-16 June, in support of ACAMH. We are honoured and humbled that Luis is raising funds for ACAMH. Here’s how you can help.

Simply visit his GoFundMe page and make a donation and offer words of support and encouragement.

Luis took time out of his training to speak to ACAMH about his challenge.

Hello Luis. What is the SAS Fan Dance and why are you taking part?

“It is an intense route is known for its role in UK Special Forces selection, and it’s one of the most amazing challenges I’ve faced. It is not only as a personal test but also a chance for me to support a cause that’s deeply important to me, our younger generations mental health”

We are incredibly grateful you selected ACAMH, but why us?

“ACAMH is committed to improving mental health services for our youth, by supporting my Fan Dance challenge, you’re helping fund essential services, training, and research that can truly change lives. Every donation helps build a future where mental health is a priority from a young age, benefiting communities everywhere.”

How can people help?

“Obviously a donation at my GoFundMe page would be amazing, but I know times are tough at the moment. So, even if you can’t donate you can still help by spreading the word, and by sharing information about it. Even sending words of encouragement can help, you can find me on LinkedIn if you’d like to wish me well.”

What’s your hope you get out of the event in taking part?

“For me it’s about challenging myself and raising funds and awareness for ACAMH. I feel that together, we can take on this challenge, me by doing it and you by donating, and we can both help make a lasting impact on child and adolescent mental health. Let’s promote a healthier, brighter future. Together, we’ll make every step in the Fan Dance count for mental health!”

Good luck Luis! Don’t forget you can give donations at Luis’ GoFundMe page, and cheer him on (virally) with messages of support on LinkedIn.

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