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Sophia's Mission: Meet the DJs

Bobby Vinton

Bobby Vinton is blind from birth and has Autism. Bobby was bullied as a child, lived a life of pain, went through multiple surgeries and was feeling lost. His parents were worried Bobby would be all alone for the rest of his life. Sophia’s Mission and NEWHD Media changed Bobby’s life in an instant. You can hear the World Famous Bobby D on NEWHD NY Saturday’s 6A-10A, EST..

Sophia's Mission: NEWHD Media Partnership

NEWHD Media is committed to SOPHIA’S MISSION. Over the years, the founder of NEWHD Media and the executive committee have come to believe how an equitable world helps everyone grow and prosper in their purposes. As a media company using robust technology, NEWHD Media extends SOPHIA’s MISSION all technology and marketing support. 

Chris Zweig

Host of and one of the most entertaining youtube channels on the internet, Chris Zweig, who has Autisim, is ready to takeover the movie review industry. Now, teamed up with NEWHD and with his Podcast “3 Movies Reviewed”, Chris is one step closer to achieving that goal. Hear Chris on NEWHD NY, daily.

Rachel Barcellona

I am an advocate for those with disabilities. I created The Ability Beyond Disabilities, to inspire those that have challenges to strive for their dreams as well as to educate those who might not understand the challenges we face. As an individual with Autism, I often felt like I should not do anything, but because of my life and social experience, I have overcome many challenges. Rachel is a Sophia’s Mission and NEWHD Spokesperson.

Emily Paton

Music has always been a part of my life since I was very young. Whether it is hearing cool songs on the radio or just listening to an album by a favorite artist, there is always music in my life. My passion in my life is giving people a musical gift, whether that be a new artist or song discovery or an “I haven’t heard this in forever” moment. In short, I like when I play a song and they go, “Wow! Cool song!”. Hear Emily Paton on Saturday and Sunday from 3P-7P on NEWHD NY.

Sophie Martin

Sophie Martin was destined for broadcast greatness. Growing up the daughter of a prominent radio personality, Zach Martin, her life has been surrounded by music and legends since before her birth. An avid linguist, traveler and advocate of many causes, Sophie brings her soothing voice and wit to NEWHD. Please tune in to listen to Sophie’s unique style and take on her favorite songs. Hear Sophie on 6P-10P Monday -Friday on NEWHD NY and Rocking the Nights on NEWHD LA.