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Melting to be heard.

Melting to be heard.

This is so true.

Most autistics hate the functionality labels.

Just because someone looks FINE, doesn’t mean they are.

One of the most common FINE examples is school. “But they’re fine in school!- must be you’re parenting- there’s nothing wrong- there’s nothing we can do- we’re going to punish his struggles- we’re going to put them in isolation- we’re going to force her into school, she’s fine then!”

Any child / young person melting down or shutting down after school is not “typical”. Holding it in / together for 6 hours is torture. It’s a shadow of who you are, too afraid to be yourself in case you loose friends.

It’s time to help Education, Health, Social Care, Professionals and Local Authorities know that being FINE, high functioning Does not mean we’re ok.

Time to remove society mask if what they think and listen to what we’re saying.

We’re NOT FINE!!!

We’re paddling our legs so fast, they might fall off.

It’s so much easier to ignore what isn’t obvious. This is so dangerous to our mental psych and emotional well-being.

Listen to the voices.

Listen to Autistic adults, Autistic parents.

We want help.

We want support.

We’re melting…….

Blurring into the background………

Wanted to add what parent carers should be expecting from school etc.

Legally they should have reasonable adjustments being masses, this includes to their policies. (Equality Act part 20).

Schools also have a duty to use their best endeavours to meet a child’s needs. (Children and Families Act section 66).

No child/ young person should have to suffer due to the ignorance or lack of understanding of others.

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