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Practical Tips for Saving Money with Delivery Apps

Practical Tips for Saving Money with Delivery Apps

Combining work with house chores can be stressful and sometimes lead to fatigue. In such instances, cooking or dining out isn’t an option, leaving food delivery. However, food delivery can be quite expensive due to the various fees involved. Here are some practical tips for saving money while ordering food.

Consider coupon codes

The food delivery world is highly competitive. For the regular mom, this means more promotions and coupons to woo you. A good recommendation is to remain open about the service you prefer. This allows you to use coupon codes to save money with grocery delivery apps at every available deal. When the promotions save you money, but the food is more than you need, add leftovers to meal preparation for the other days of the week.

Consider various apps before ordering.

You should research various apps before deciding on the service to deliver your order. With differences in delivery fees and service charges, you could get the same meal cheaper using a certain app. Spending some time researching can likely save you more money.

Consider free deliveries

Many food delivery services offer the chance to select the amount to pay for delivery. Some restaurants provide free delivery, while others charge for it. Watch out for each restaurant’s delivery fees. When there are various options, consider selecting a restaurant with free delivery for its customers.

Consider getting a subscription.

If you frequently order food, you should consider getting a subscription to help you save money on delivery fees. Nearly all food delivery apps offer free delivery through a subscription. A subscription also offers other benefits.

Discover how to save money on food delivery. Use coupon codes, compare apps, get free deliveries, consider a subscription, and avoid double tipping.

Don’t double-tip

Restaurant delivery drivers work hard, so you should not stiff the delivery guy for a tip. Before offering a tip, you should check if you haven’t been charged for a tip. Some food delivery services like DoorDash, Seamless, and Grubhub usually automatically add a tip at the checkout stage. Checking this ensures you don’t double tip especially when on a tight budget.

Use cashback apps

Cashback apps are not just for shopping in stores. You can also earn cash back when you place orders with food delivery services. For example, the Rakuten app offers 11% cash back when you order from Grubhub and about $7 cashback from Postmates. These deals are best suited to new subscribers, but returning customers can still earn modest rebates.

Consider pickups

You can schedule a pickup if you have time to spare. This option is best suited when ordering from a restaurant within walking distance or down your street. Delivery fees add up over time, so avoid them when you can.

Order with Friends

If friends, neighbors, coworkers, or family members order from the same restaurant, consider making a single order instead of ordering individual foods. This method helps you save on fees. For instance, if you are a college student, consider asking around your dormitory if others want to order food. If you intend to bring food to a party or event, ask other guests if they wish to order anything to help save the fees.


Nothing beats ordering food from home and having it delivered to your front door when tired. While delivery services can cost money, the above tips can help you save money to enjoy your favorite food from the comfort of your home.

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