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Promises to My Son: Shattering Stigmas, Embracing Autism

Promises to My Son: Shattering Stigmas, Embracing Autism
My son, I want to make a few promises to you. Because we have a lot of stigmas to shatter around autism. And you are just the kid to do it. With a little help from your old mom.
I will carry you on my back when you can’t walk yourself.
I will hold your hands to my face when you feel the need to hit your own head.
I will sit on the ground with you when you need a break.
I will hold your body tight when you can’t control it. I will take a kick and hit if it means you won’t hurt yourself.
I will run, chase, dance, twirl and roll on the ground with you when sitting just won’t do.
I will gasp at every train. I will answer every question. And I will guess every need and want that you have until I figure it out.
I will deflect every mean stare. I will educate those who don’t understand. And I will defend when needed too.
I will demand you have a seat at every table and will fight for your right for inclusion. You will not miss one opportunity kid because you have autism. In fact, I will create them for you.
I will speak for you until you find your own voice. I will translate for you when the words just won’t come.
I will walk beside you, holding your hand forever. And if there ever comes a day when you want to walk ahead of me…well kid, I’ll let you go. I’ll let you lead. And I’ll walk behind you until my dying day. You will never be alone.
I will give you YOUR best life.
When you got your diagnosis I was told all the things you’d never do. That we would never do. I was told it would be hard. And that we would have to fight for everything.
They weren’t wrong. But the hard isn’t everything either.
Buried within the hard is the joy. The beauty that comes from perseverance.
You will have victories Cooper. Unbelievable victories. And they will make every second of the hard worth it.
Thank you kid for never giving up on me.
I promise you this. I will never give up on you either.
Love, mom
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