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RUN Athletes Offer Summer Training Tips

RUN Athletes Offer Summer Training Tips

With summer heat waves upon us and fall marathons on the horizon, RUN FOR AUTISM’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon and TCS New York City Marathon team members have some tips for beating the heat while logging miles.

Runners agree on two main pieces of advice: start early and hydrate. Aaron Siegel, NYC Marathon runner, recommended starting “the long run before sunrise. You can catch a nap after you get back.” J.P. Destreza, NYC and Chicago runner, agreed, mentioning a 5:18 a.m. start time for a 21-mile run.

Even if you start early, don’t forget sunscreen. “Just because you start a long run at 0:00 dark hundred doesn’t mean you’ll finish in the dark,” said Diane Kellenburger, longtime OAR runner.

Hydration is also important; with warmer temperatures, you’ll lose more fluids and electrolytes to sweat. For a long run, he recommended planning a route “where there’s water available, like drinking fountains, where you can refill your bottle or stash water at various spots along your route.” If you’re prone to cramping, taking salt tablets can also help.

Running becomes harder when it’s hot out. “Adjust paces using dew points and heat [temperature],” recommended Jamie Rivenburg, Chicago runner. There are many online calculators that calculate how much you should slow down to maintain a similar level of exertion as you would in more favorable conditions. And remember to listen to your body—it’s okay to walk.

No matter the temperature, remember your end goal. Most likely “it won’t be this hot on marathon day,” noted Jillian Howder, Chicago runner.

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