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The Eagles Autism Foundation Shines Light on Autism

The Eagles Autism Foundation Shines Light on Autism

During a live TODAY Show takeover, the Eagles Autism Foundation celebrated the beginning of autism acceptance month!

As the NBC producer started counting down, a roar from the crowd and the sound of the Eagles Drumline could be heard echoing throughout the Rockefeller Center as one of the largest TODAY Show takeovers of all time began.

To get Autism Acceptance Month underway, the Eagles Autism Foundation was part of a TODAY Show takeover in NYC to promote autism acceptance and the Eagles All Abilities Clinic.

Eagles Cheerleaders and All Abilities Clinic Participants Appeared Live on the TODAY Show

Eagles Autism FoundationOne of the most important things is to show that you can create accessibility to families and not put limits on people,” said Ryan Hammond, Executive Director of the Eagles Autism Foundation. “Presenting support, proactive resources, and a trained staff can really change someone’s life.

During the hour-long event, Kylie Kelce, the Senior Event Consultant for the Eagles Autism Foundation, joined Hammond and the hosts of the TODAY Show, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, for the takeover event.

Eagles Autism Foundation and its All Abilities Clinics

One of the many activities the Eagles Autism Foundation offers is its All Abilities Clinics, which range from football to cheerleading, STEM, and drumline. The activities themselves are created and structured to promote full accessibility to all participants. Their goal is to offer an experience to people with special needs so that they can participate alongside other children.

The goal of the takeover event was not only to kick off Autism Acceptance Month and increase autism awareness but also to shine a light on the work the foundation does to help support people on the autism spectrum.

The lead is taken by Kiki (Kirsten Saraceni, Scientific Programs and Inclusion Initiatives Director for the Eagles Autism Foundation),” Kelce said. “She helps put together a place that is accepting and understanding and applies all the sensory needs that could possibly be met.

One of the many benefits the All Abilities Clinics offers is the knowledge and confidence the participants learn. Valuable lessons learned during the clinic can then be transferred to everyday life.

The Eagles Autism Foundation Shines Light on Autism – Conclusion

Every April marks the beginning of Autism Acceptance Month. The #CelebrateDifferences campaign by the Autism Society has been going on for six years and was created in honor of Autism Acceptance Month. 

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