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Home » The Ox Box Set: A Collection of John Entwistle’s Music

The Ox Box Set: A Collection of John Entwistle’s Music

The Ox Box Set: A Collection of John Entwistle’s Music

John Entwistle, the legendary bassist for The Who, was not only known for his incredible talent on the bass guitar but also for his unique and innovative approach to music. Now, fans of Entwistle’s work can enjoy a comprehensive collection of his solo material with The Ox Box Set.

The Ox Box Set is a compilation of Entwistle’s solo albums, spanning his entire career as a solo artist. The set includes all of his studio albums, as well as rare and unreleased tracks, live recordings, and collaborations with other artists. This collection offers fans a deep dive into Entwistle’s solo work, showcasing his versatility and creativity as a musician.

One of the standout features of The Ox Box Set is the inclusion of Entwistle’s signature sound – his thunderous bass lines and intricate melodies that set him apart from other bassists of his time. From the hard-hitting rock of tracks like “My Size” and “Boris the Spider” to the more experimental and avant-garde sounds of songs like “Heaven and Hell” and “Made in Japan,” this collection showcases the full range of Entwistle’s musical talents.

In addition to his solo work, The Ox Box Set also includes collaborations with other artists, such as his work with The Who and his side project, The John Entwistle Band. These tracks offer a glimpse into Entwistle’s collaborative process and highlight his ability to work with a variety of musicians and styles.

For fans of John Entwistle and The Who, The Ox Box Set is a must-have addition to their music collection. This comprehensive collection offers a deep dive into Entwistle’s solo career, showcasing his unique sound and musical vision. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to Entwistle’s music, The Ox Box Set is sure to be a treasure trove of musical gems that will delight and inspire listeners for years to come.

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