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Three Tips To Successfully Do Public Relations When You Have Autism

Three Tips To Successfully Do Public Relations When You Have Autism

By Kadin McElwain

Public relations is a field where you have to do your best to manage a company’s image. Whether it be through Corporate Social Responsibility, organizing events, or social media management, you have a really important job. This job can be all the more complicated if you have Autism. Autism can make you incredibly intelligent and talented. But it can also hinder some of the social skills required in the field.

Nonetheless, people with Autism still have the capabilities to succeed in this career. They just need a little help. So here are three tips for successfully doing public relations when you have Autism.

Tip One: Don’t Be Hard On Yourself
Public relations can be a tricky field to get in and manage when you have Autism. You have to socialize 24/7 and look your best, so that the brand looks good. But just know that you’ll do
great. Don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake. Public relations is all about persistence, and you’ll be doing just that, regardless of the drama that’s involved.

Tip Two: Learn How To Manage A Crisis Calmly
In the public relations field, you have to know how to properly manage a crisis. It’s a high-tense situation and emotions are high during these times. It can especially be hard for those with Autism. But there are three ways to properly manage your emotions in a PR crisis:
1. Take a deep breath.
2. Make good decisions calmly
3. If the situation is overwhelming, take a five minute break.

If you follow these three steps for managing a PR crisis with Autism, you’ll surely be able to thrive in the field.

Tip Three: Be Yourself and Have Fun
Public relations is all about personality and how you present yourself. Yes, there are times to be professional, especially if it’s an important work meeting or a business dinner. But there are also times to be yourself and have fun. Embracing the gift you have and the person you are is the key for success in this field. Public relations should be fun and enjoyable, without the risk of being shamed for who you are. Embrace yourself as much as possible.

Yes, public relations is a socially-active field to get into. It can also be made harder when you have Autism. But as long as you follow these three steps for success, you’ll do fine in the field. So go on! Get out there! Help your company grow and embrace yourself while doing it!

Kadin is a college student, writer, and activist who is on a mission to help people better understand Autism. Throughout his life, he was told he wouldn’t be successful because he was on the spectrum. But time and time again, he proved the naysayers wrong. His goal in life is to inspire people with his story and help bring attention to Autism in the world.

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