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SOPHIA'S MISSION: Creating Jobs for People with ASD & Disabilities​

SOPHIA'S MISSION: Creating Jobs for People with ASD & Disabilities​

Sophia’s Mission is a registered 501c3 advocates and creates meaningful employment for people living on the Autistic Spectrum and with Disabilities. Sophia’s Mission in a joint partnership with NEWHD Media is making it possible for people with ASD and Disabilities to enter the exciting profession of Broadcasting. Radio Personalities that can achieve many amazing accomplishments that for many years were out of reach.

• According to the CDC, 1 in 59 people are suffering from Autism and the unemployment rate is high for those with disabilities.

• Many people with disabilities suffer from depression, are isolated, victims of bullying, have no friends and little hope for the future.

• Sophia’s Mission trains people with Autism and other Disabilities the Art and Science of Broadcasting as well as other job skills.

• The Goal: Create a network of audio streaming stations throughout the US, in which 80% of the staffing are people with special needs.

NEWHD Media Foundation Support

NEWHD Media is a unique content company in today’s crowded media space. Its innovative and compelling content drives NEWHD Media strategy for a national reach with the benefits of serving local markets. NEWHD Media’s exceptional operating plan offers a multimedia mix for advertisers that require innovative and creative marketing as well as advertising solutions. 

Audience: NEWHD Media

NEWHD Media’s primary audiences are those with additional needs, for example, those with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and Cystic Fibrosis. There are over 64 million Americans currently diagnosed with additional needs. The economic impact is staggering and NEWHD Media’s mission is to provide jobs and opportunities for these people along with their primary caregivers. 


NEWHD Media is committed to SOPHIA’S MISSION. Over the years, the founder of NEWHD Media and the executive committee have come to believe how an equitable world helps everyone grow and prosper in their purposes. As a media company using robust technology, NEWHD Media extends SOPHIA’s MISSION all technology and marketing support. Additionally, NEWHD Media financially supports SOPHIA’s MISSION.

Sophia's Mission strives to build compassion for individuals with disabilities secure employment, which enhances their overall dignity of living.