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Sophia's Mission

Founded in 2019, Sophia’s Mission is a registered 501(c)3 organization dedicated to paving the way for employment opportunities for Autistic individuals, those with other disabilities, and veterans in the dynamic fields of audio, radio, and media. In collaboration with NEWHD Media, Sophia’s Mission has been instrumental in creating a supportive platform that champions diversity and inclusivity.

Teaming up with NEWHD Media, Sophia’s Mission extends its mission through the iconic stations, NEWHD New York, “Where Rock Lives,” NEWHD Los Angeles, “LA’s Rock and Pop,” and Veterans Classic Rock. Accessible through various platforms, including the NEWHD Radio App, Audacy, TuneIn, and Apple Music, these stations provide a unique auditory experience while offering employment opportunities to individuals who may face challenges in traditional job markets.

Support Sophia’s Mission by sharing our inspirational journey and consider downloading the NEWHD Radio App to tune in to NEWHD New York and NEWHD Los Angeles. Join us in fostering inclusivity in the audio industry, and don’t forget – NEWHD syncs seamlessly with Apple CarPlay, making it easier than ever to rock out and support a great cause simultaneously. Together, let’s amplify the voices that deserve to be heard.

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